Welcome to Speechmark

Speechmark is a Paris-based language school offering classes to some of the top advertising agencies in Paris.  You can find us in the rue de l’Arcade, tucked between the luxury shops of Madeleine and the busy commercial district of Saint-Lazare.

Though we are specialized  in the English of the Advertising and Marketing sectors, we also work with clients in Events Planning, Journalism, and Design.  What makes our programmes unique is our high-quality tailor-made teacing material, specifically designed to meet the language needs of students working in these sectors.

The material is created from TV reports, extracts from films, trade press articles, and websites and is taught by a team of dedicated, full-time teachers (all native English speakers) from around the world.  At the moment, we have team-members from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, and India…

In addition to our language training, Speechmark also offers one-on-one presentation coaching and French-to-English translation services.  You can contact us for information about any of our services at the number below.


16, rue de l’Arcade

75008 Paris

Tel:  01 44 56 02 00
Fax:  01 44 56 02 03

Email:  marianne@speechmark.com



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